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I read your article with great interest and found it very informative regarding the genealogies related to tabla, jori and pakhawaj players from what we know as the Punjab gharana.  I look forward to reading more of your writing on the repertoire from this tradition, the manner in which it has evolved and its relation to repertoire of other gharanas.  Incidentally, I found the scan from the Risala-i-tabla navazi most engaging.  While my attempts at reading Urdu are at best rudimentary, I think the fact that the author has articulated his perspective in writing such a book is very valuable.  I do hope you can translate that and even more relevant material from the book.

Dr Aneesh Pradhan, June 2021

Behind the Scenes

Despite the limitations of information such as literature, the lack of knowledgeable informants, Jasdeep has admirably presented a well-balanced overview of the Punjab Baj. This paper serves as a basis for further discussion. Overall it gives a balanced summary of the tradition and strengthens to dispel the doubts amongst some that the Punjab Baj does not have any basis for terming itself as an independent gharana. Overall, an enjoyable read for all those wanting to have a general idea on the origins of the Punjab Baj and the major contributors.

Saqib Razaq MMus, July 2021

Behind the Scenes

Some days back I had the privilege of going through a beautiful research paper, I call it beautiful because it was well researched with deep insight and analysis. It has been found that most often the scholars have been ignoring the Jori players. The most welcome sign is that the writer has not neglected them but has also included them and the tremendous contribution of the rababis and musrasis to this instrument. Though the ragis would commonly, as a matter of jester, ridicule the rababis (who must often were associated with the sikhs in the gurdawaras) in reality were never lesser players by any means.

Sardar Balbir Singh Kanwal, June 2021

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