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"The similarities between Dhrupad and 16th century polyphony are striking and the Consort and Bhawalkar and Singh weaved them together with sensitivity, allowing the intricacies of each to shine through"

- Charles Hutchinson, The Press

Sardar Jasdeep Singh, an emerging musician, musicologist, and educator based in the UK, is committed to preserving the Jorī tradition of the Punjab Gharanā, establishing himself as a distinguished exponent on the global stage. Mentored by Shri Sukhwinder Singh Namdhari, a prominent international representative of the instrument, and currently guided by the renowned Tabla maestro Pandit Yogesh Samsi, he has finely honed his artistic skills.


Bestowed with the prestigious title Shahzada-e-Jorī (Prince of the Jorī), Jasdeep has showcased his musical prowess at prominent UK venues, including; The Vortex, The Marylebone Theatre, the Nehru Centre in London, York Early Music Festival, The MAC in Birmingham, Seven Arts in Leeds, and Smorgaschord in Oxford.


His international performances span festivals in Germany, France, Netherlands, featuring at events such as the Angelica Festival in Bologna, Fes Festival in Morocco, and the Morning Ragas festival in Amritsar. He has also graced concert halls across Europe, including the Teatro Municipal in Lisbon, Teatro San Leonardo in Italy, and the Temple of Fine Arts in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Notably, he performed in Mumbai at the prestigious Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.


Jasdeep’s extensive collaborations include touring with Pandit Uday Bhawalkar, a globally recognised authority on Dhrupad. Partnering with the renowned Belgium-based Orchestra, Hathor Consort, he presented Jorī solo as part of a contemporary music arrangement, receiving coverage from BBC and BBC Radio 3. As the pioneering Jorī exponent collaborating with orchestral music, he recently showcased Jorī at the Stavanger Opera house in Norway with an illustrious symphony orchestra.


In addition to his performances, Jasdeep actively contributes to research, focusing on the preservation of the lost traditions and percussion of Punjab. His written pieces for NCPA Mumbai, India's premier cultural institution, underscore his dedication to cultural heritage. Engaged in archiving rare repertoires of Pakhawaj, Jorī, and Tabla across India and Pakistan, he works under the mentorship of esteemed musicologist Saqib Razaq MMus.

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